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1980 Honda NC50, Express

NOTE: This 1980 NC50 has had a little bit of an overhaul!
It now has a Malossi 70cc kit with a 21mm Dellorto Carb and
a Proma Circuit Race Pipe.
The overhaul was done approximately 3+/- years ago and the bike has
sat for the past two summers so I felt it is time to let it go to some one who
might be able to use it.
As you will notice from the pictures it has everything from a stock bike
except the stickers and the replaced performance parts.
Items that are new on the bike, Seat Cover, Battery and most
light bulbs (including the dash/gauge).
I have also included two videos my young son took for me so you
can actually see and hear it run. Yes, that is me on the bike for
those of you who have not met me except by e-mail! : )
I do have a new set of sport tires that will go with it. The tires that are on
it were put on after the kit was installed and they were new but were
apparently older at the time of purchase. They are showing signs of dry
cracking so you might want the new tires.
The bike looks good and runs good and will run to my estimates around
45 mph +/-. As from the pictures she looks pretty good but I wouldn't
say show room by any stretch but good nerve less! She will come with a
bill of sale only. If a title is wanted it would be around $100 extra if I can get one.

Please, Please, Please, ask questions! As my professors always said,
The only dumb question is the one you don't ask!

Now for the all, ever important question?? THE Price!!!
I am letting this go for a mere $600!! That's right! Only $600!!
See below for the payment methods I will except. For repeat customers
contact me if other arrangements need to be worked out.
If you need me to assist in the delivery that can be added at
a fair but extra charge.

Happy Looking from Perk L.L.C.

The arrow indicates how far around/Fast it can go.
It would probably go faster but I wasn't ready
to take that chance on burning it up!

Payments accepted: Cash, Money Orders, Cashiers checks and Paypal (Add 3%) in US currency only!